Smokin' Turkey

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Smoked turkey chops slow roasted on the bone, accompanied by a blend of butter nut squash and french string beans.


Our food bowls are unlike the others because we look-out for pets suffering from allergies, health conditions and other health-related concerns. That's why our Core Range only contain a handful of ingredients that are gentle to digest and prepared via methods that retains as much of its nutrional values.


We believe that our pets should be consuming fresh ingredients that comes from natural resources. As responsible Pet Owners, we strive to feed as naturally as much as possible and seek holistic treatments as initial solutions rather than prescriptive medications and diets.


Core Range ingredients: 

  • 50% Organic smoked turkey containing no add-on hormones and antibiotics 
  • 50% Organic/ ethically-farmed veggies including organic butternut squash and organic french string beans.