Why Us?


We tackle the root causes of what these Giant Pet Businesses don't do. 

They DON'T pay your vet bills but they WILL take your money in exchange for telling you how great their products are. This is because they put those ingredients we think our pets need and use sneaky marketing tactics to get you to buy!

Our pets should be eating what they would have naturally in the wild even though they are domesticated. But it is a little complicated because there are too many studies and opinions out there both from professionals and experienced pet owners.

PURE was created out of a love for dogs and a desire to make natural, healthy, delicious food. We specialize in cooking with all natural farm fresh ingredients and each dish is prepared by hand using the freshest most healthy meats and produce from local farms.  We also specialize in natural products for your dogs skin and coat.
SO, WHO IS RIGHT?  There is no absolute right and wrong.  we believe that prevention is better than cure so let us share why you should choose our brand.