Satties' Story

Sattie is an 12 year old Pug a Poo who enjoys meditation music, long walks, bike rides with her human (she says it makes her feel Queenly) car rides anywhere (even from one parking space to another), chasing squirrels, visiting next door neighbors, playing soccer and all things food. In 2011 she began to suffer from chronic and debilitating Urinary Tract , ear and yeast Infections; aggressive skin allergies, a dull coat, anal gland discomfort, snoring, lack of energy, and depression. She was an aggressive beggar for table food and appeared to always be hungry.

The initial attempt in healing was through mainstream medical attention and a dependency on treatments that would regulate her symptoms, not heal them. It was recommended that her diet be changed to a grain free - all natural commercial dog food brand. As Sattie became acclimated to the new diet, her symptoms became regulated with medication but the same health road blocks kept appearing. Her body became dependent on the treatments and her commercial diet- but would revert back to the decline if not administered.


In 2013 Sattie's owner began to return to what was natural and best for her dog. Instead of purchasing mysterious commercial food and medicine off of the shelf , she researched the best natural remedies for the issues that her precious pup was facing. Since incorporating the Pure lifestyle, her health issues diminished and have not appeared since. After feeding Sattie Pure, her energy has increased to that of a puppy, her social behavior has become more positive and her brain function and confidence is at an all time high.

Pure Dog Food was created out of a love for dogs and the desire to heal, help and assist with longevity. We specialize in cooking all natural farm fresh ingredients. Each dish is prepared by hand using the freshest and healthiest meat and produce.

No chemicals , preservatives, salts, meat meals, additives or artificial colors are added. All the ingredients are 100% natural and even suitable for human consumption. Both you and your dog can enjoy!!!